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How to Resolve failure of NSS portal to display your Pincode for Registration

How to Resolve failure of NSS portal to display your Pincode

Were you able to retrieve your NSS Registration Pincode? Is the NSS system having issues with your credentials?

Here is a complete guide to help you resolve the issue of NSS portal having issues with your credential Hence failure to display your pin code.

Basically the NSS portal works with information already uploaded onto their database, prior to the release of the pin codes, each Institution submitted data on all prospective NSS personnel for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Now the failure of the NSS portal to display your pin codes and your details is basically from your institution.

Your school made errors or simply put, submitted incorrect details about you to NSS
Your index number and your date of birth are the most important details needed and any error in this details will prevent NSS system from showing up your pincode.

The data sent to NSS by your college was a softcopy which was just uploaded onto NSS system. so it is more likely the mistake is from your Institution

How to fix the issue

The issue can be simply resolved when you get in touch with your institution, Protocols must be followed, NSS cannot take details or recommendations from you.

To get the issue resolved, get in touch with your institution administration, they will intend notify NSS for the corrections to be done.

Once you notice NSS system has issues with your credentials quickly contact your school administration for the issue to be resolved as the registration for NSS is time bound.

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