Traffic Officer: Protection Services – Dr Beyers Nuade Municipality Vacancies

  • Admin Vacancies in South Africa
  • 1 month ago
  • Salary ZAR 18 000 / per month
  • Shift Full Time
  • Job Qualifications Bachelors
  • Number of vacancies 2 openings
  • Job experience 2 Years +

Job Description


  • 3 Year National Diploma in Traffic Management (NQF level 6)
  • Traffic Diploma
  • Examiner Grade A: driving licenses
  • Examiner Grade A: vehicle testing
  • Code EC & A Driver’s License
  • 2 Years’ experience in fire and disaster management
  • 2 years’ experience in management of municipal traffic department including motor registrations, DLTC and VTS
  • 4 Years relevant experience as a Traffic Officer in Local Government
  • Clear criminal record.
  • SAPS clearance certificate valid for six months or proof of application of clearance certificate must accompany application.

Applicants must provide a valid police clearance certificate not older than 6 months on the day of the interview – applicants who does not provide the valid clearance certificate on the day of the interview will automatically be disqualified.


  • Communicating with the Head (Community Services) on specific Key Performance Areas (Public Safety,
  • Emergency Services and Disaster Management) with a view to aligning functions and service delivery objectives against the capacity and capabilities of the Section
  • Analyzing service delivery trends and capacity against requirements and submits reports supporting specific provisions for consideration during the preparation of capital and operational expenditure estimates to support plans and objectives
  • Monitoring expenditure to against budget provisions and preparing motivations with reasons to seek approval for additional funding for specific programmes or activities
  • Providing recommendations to the immediate superior on technical issues and specifications for consideration and inclusion into Tenders and Contractual Agreements.


  • Defining/adjusting the role boundaries, workflow processes and job design against laid down service delivery requirements.
  • Determining staffing levels and preparing motivations for the filling of vacancies to complement functional objectives and requirements.
  • Conducting appraisals to measure performance against agreed objectives, counselling and consulting with personnel on developmental goals, career paths and, short term targets and standards
  • Monitoring the adequacy of current training interventions through the evaluation’s competency demonstrated in workplace application and prepares assessment and progress reports for inclusion into the consolidated Skills
  • Development Plan of the Department.
  • Analyzing statistical information pertaining to staff attendance, overtime, leave and addressing deviations or occurrences of abuse and/ or workplace conflict through the implementation of corrective measures in accordance with Human Resources Policies/Procedures.


  • Communicating to personnel through the verbal and written mediums statutory and procedural requirements for adoption and compliance thereof.
  • Inspecting work sites and/ or conducting observations of work sequences and determining extent of awareness and / or the need to corrective/remedial measures.
  • Discussing and/ or investigating workplace accidents/incidents, seeking reasons from supervisory personnel on any non-compliance/ deviation and providing directions on courses of action for execution
  • Evaluating the operating functionality and condition of vehicles, plant and equipment through perusal of inspection checklist, service records and registers with a view of identifying with risks and the availability of alternative courses of action.
  • Assessing the adequacy of control procedures with respect to firearms and ammunition and assets and addressing/investigating specific deviations with a view of instituting disciplinary measures.


  • Analyzing and evaluating requirements associated with specific investigations arising out of complaints received from the Public with respect to criminal activities, nuisances, public disturbance, etc.
  • Participating and directing investigation sequences encompassing visiting locations and communicating with offenders, executing arrests and/ or removing evidence to support prosecution.
  • Attending to the documentation and notification procedures, executing warrants of arrest.
  • Completing and submitting case files to facilitate prosecution and attending and defending specific actions in the court of law.


  • Mapping and / or preparing safety and security programmes and plans aimed at co-ordinating the implementation, prioritization and allocation of responsibilities.
  • Formulating operational plans and addressing the implementation of key safety and security programmes with respect to special events and / or the protections of important dignitaries visiting the area.
  • Executing specific awareness and educational campaigns with the communities to capacitate individuals on the safety and security strategies.
  • Participating in the establishment and, providing support to Civil Protections Organizations (Neighborhood Watch) with regards to roles, responsibilities and methodology.
  • Evaluating current levels of performance with respect to the guarding, investigations and public order and addresses deviations or adjustment to plans and / or co-ordinating joint efforts (SAPS) to eliminate/minimize security and safety risks.


  • Implementing specific procedures during fire and rescue operations, instructing and / or leading fire fighting teams and executing applications or sequences to control damage / disaster.
  • Co-ordinating inspection of facilities to determine to adequacy of fire safety and disaster control procedures and / or issuing compliance notification for specific offences.
  • Executing specific fire-fighting and rescue applications during emergency situations and/ or assuming the role of ‘responsible person’ on site.
  • Conducting demonstrations and / or communication briefings at public facilities with a view to empower and capacitating individuals with basic safety and awareness skills to identify and capably manage life threatening situations.


  • Responding through the collection of factual information and/ or conducting the necessary investigation/ research, to enquiries and concerns on service delivery and / or services from the general public, councillors and government departments.
  • Participating in various meeting (council, internal and external forums, steering committees) and provides comments/opinions on matters affecting or concerning the functionality.
  • Attending Neighborhood Watch Forums and / or various schools and presenting methodologies and approaches aimed at maintaining safety and security.


  • Preparing investigational and productivity reports referring to statistical data and qualitive information related to service delivery initiatives of the Section for the attention of the Strategic Manager, Community Services for consideration and inclusion into Council and Sub Committee reports.
  • Completing instructional / operational documentation (vehicle log sheets) extracting information from field reports/activity lists and forwarding for approval and processing.
  • Compiling investigational reports and / or responses to correspondences and queries, undertaking research or extracting information and records to support content, recommendations and / or opinion.
  • Maintaining the activity and recordkeeping systems and / or executing specific actions to facilitate the updating of registers and schedules.
  • Verifying and approving transactional and / or procedural documentation/ forms prior to circulation or processing.

Job skills
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