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Office Manager / Administrator – SARS Graduate Jobs

SARS has vacancy for an Office Manager or Administrator. You duties will be to: Ensure effective functioning of the RD office with emphasis on the administrative documentation and management support side. Provide professional input and support in preparing reports on behalf of the Regional Director to various stakeholders Manage the Regional Director`s office risk register… Read More »

Tax Auditor – Level 3 (x2) – SARS Jobs

SARS is looking for a highly skilled, experienced and results-driven auditor/forensic investigator with sound judgement and strong business acumen who will contribute towards fulfilling our higher purpose and living our service orientation. S/he will be responsible for independently planning and conducting audits/forensic investigations of a complex nature, across multiple tax types, over multiple tax periods,… Read More »

Specialist: Audit (CIT): South African Revenue Service – SARS Careers

SARS is looking for a highly skilled, experienced, results driven, self-directed specialist to provide advice and guidance in the execution of CIT audits and independently plan and conduct highly complex audits across multiple tax types, multiple periods with multiple risks, understanding the risk implications across other tax types, in compliance with all legislative requirements in… Read More »